Fantasie Perfume (10 ml)


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Introducing Fantasie Air Freshener with an exclusive design and 8 refreshing aromas namely are Tropical ,  ,  ,  ,
  ,  ,   and Classic Coffee.

# , the natural aroma of real Lemon fruit, the smell of fresh citrus which is able to relieve stress and evoke enthusiasm. Suitable for vehicles, living room, bathroom.

# , the sweet aroma of the original Lavender light, soothes the mind & body while resting. Suitable for vehicles, living room, bedroom or office.

# , the fragrance of natural flowers that are soft, feminine and elegant. Suitable for vehicles, bedrooms, offices or reading rooms, prayer rooms, wardrobes and kitchens.

# , the original Vanilla aroma with a luxurious scent. Suitable for vehicles, living room, bedroom, office, dining room and kitchen.

#  , the fresh aroma of real milk melon. Suitable for vehicles, kitchen cabinets, kitchens, toilets & dining areas.

# , the natural aromatherapy fragrance from Pandan Wangi is like the smell of potpourri. Suitable for vehicles, living room, bathroom or toilet, various types of cupboards, kitchen & prayer room.

# , fruit fragrance from natural pomegranate fruit that is soft, sweet & fresh. Suitable for vehicles, offices, reading rooms, stores, kitchens, toilets & dining areas.

#Classic Coffee, the aromatherapy coffee suitable for vehicles, living room & kitchen


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Fantasie perfume, a long-lasting perfume is made from natural ingredients. You can be placed in the car, house, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and anywhere.