Establish in 2019, CENTEXS Commercial is Government-Linked Company (GLC) body, under the purview of the Sarawak Government, with its action to boost the commercialisation value of its heritage products also by giving the opportunity to local entrepreneurs in Sarawak.

We are a subsidiary company to Centre of Technical Excellences Sarawak (CENTEXS) under the jurisdiction of Yayasan Sarawak. We are also responsible in promoting and marketing the products made by local entrepreneurs and the services of technical and digital skills of our local youths.

“We exist because we want to innovate the community and also our local entrepreneurs, at the same time also contribute towards the development for Sarawak’s industrial and heritage businesses. Hence, we are an organisation that stands for the benefit of the people and the public – just like our tagline, “Connecting Communities and Businesses”.


‘ADIA’ Rendang Paste

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‘ADIA’ Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste

Sold by Adia Global
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‘ADIA’ Spicy Tomato Paste

Sold by Adia Global
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‘ADIA’ All Purpose Marinate Paste

Sold by Adia Global
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Sale 30%

Crispy Smokey Banana [ Banana Snack – DUNDUT ]

Sold by A & H Semangat Kental
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Halal Street will help you. We will show you what you need to do. We will show you what stickers you will need to put on your products and how to get this done for as little as possible. We have helped many IKS find buyers for their products. 

E.g. For sambal paste we will show you how to create stickers for allergens and nutritional information.

Halal Street understands that many IKS have no export experience. That is why we are focused to help you with all the export related issues.

No, there are no extra charges. All charges are paid for by the SME Digitalisation Incentive.

7 out of 10 applications are successful.

We have a whole range of Halal and Muslim products from Malaysian IKS.

Once you receive an order, your responsibility will be to pack your product safely for travel.

2 months to get BSN approval and upload your products.

The incentive is used for the following:

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ii. Access to over 15000 Halal Street UK subscribers.

iii. Copywriting assistance.

iv. Cultural and pricing advice.

v. Access to Halalstreet UK’s Facebook and Instagram pages in the UK.

vi. Export advice on packaging and regulation compliance.

If you are unsuccessful to secure the SME Digitalisation Incentive, you will be able to pay Halal Street directly and sign up.


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