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The perfect underwear for modern Muslim men. In our busy modern life, we often have to perform solah in our casual clothing, i.e tshirt and jeans. This causes a regular yet disturbing sight where when we are performing sujud, our tshirt will lift up and our jeans will slide down. Thus, exposing our behind side aurah, making our solat cancelled without us knowing it. With our new patented underwear design, it has a back extension to ensure that our behind side aurah will always be covered and protected, to ensure our solah  is always valid and accepted.

Size: 4XL.

It’s recommended to go 3 sizes up from your regular size.

Please check the size chart to ensure this is the right size for you.

Colour will be shipped at random.

We designed this Cotton Brief underwear specially for modern Muslim men who always seem to  have trouble with their behind side  getting exposed during sujud or rukuk.

Our patented Cotton Brief  design with back extension will ensure your behind side aurah is always protected to ensure your solah is always valid and accepted, insyAllah.

Lets us protect our aurah and protect our solah.

Cotton is the most widely used natural fabric for apparel manufacturing across the world. Being a natural fibre, cotton is a renewable resource and is biodegradable. Cotton clothes are not only soft, but durable and comfortable too.

The word “cotton” has Arabic origins, derived from the Arabic word قطن (qutn or qutun). This was the usual word for cotton in medieval Arabic. The word entered the Roman lands in the mid-12th century, and English a century later. Cotton fabric was known to the ancient Romans as an import because cotton was rare in the Roman-speaking lands. Until imports from the Arabic-speaking lands  transformatively came in with lower prices.

Advantage of wearing Cotton clothing:

Ideal for all seasons

Cotton is an all-weather textile. It will keep you cool on a hot summer day and provide insulation on a cold winter day.


Most dermatologists recommend wearing cotton as it rarely causes irritations or any allergic reactions.

Less toxic

Being a natural fibre, cotton has hardly any chemical compared to synthetic fibres such as polyester and acrylic.


Who doesn’t love soft clothing? Cotton is mainly used in undergarments for this reason. It is breathable, soft, and super comfortable.

Size: 4XL.

It’s recommended to go 3 sizes up from your regular size.

Please check the size chart to ensure this is the right size for you.

Colour will be shipped at random.

To know more about cotton, please click here

To see more on Muslim fashion at HALALSTREET UK, please click here


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