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Chicken Briyani

Traditional Malaysian food has always been an exciting topic (even for Malaysians). Borne of age-old recipes and heritage secrets, a well-cooked meal is a treasure worth having.

Some spices used in making biryani

Upon a time in the Malaysian state of Penang, a young lady started selling delicious ‘nasi lemak’ at her friend’s shop. One hot fateful day, a foreigner came by and tried her food. Impressed with the delicious range of food and flavours, he asked, “how am I going to bring all this delicious Malaysian Food back to my country“. Sharifah was perplexed that the foreigner loved her food so much and realised that many others might like it too. She realised that this was a problem to be solved

This encounter sparked off an idea. She wanted so much to help that tourist that day, that it motivated her to develop the delicious and revolutionary “Ready To Eat” range. Today, Sharifah has more than 20  variations of “ready to eat” food, all the way from our beloved “Rendang” to almost all major favourite of “Nasi Goreng”.

No more excuses. Now you can bring anywhere you want” she said.


Ingredients: Basmathi rice, Chicken meat, Savoury spices and Vegetable fat

Serving mode: Best to serve while hot

Allergen advice: This product contains ghee, nuts and lemongrass.

Presenting Sharifah ranges of traditional Malaysian dishes

Briyani Gam Ayam – Biryani is a mixed rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It can be compared to mixing a spice paste, later combining it with semi-cooked rice separately.  Fragrant and delicious, this Briyani brings the best of Malaysian cooking to food connoisseurs across the world now.

Briyani Gam Kambing –  As above, Biryani is a mixed rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. The stronger taste of goat makes this biryani perfect for the diner who loves stronger aromatic flavours.

Rendang Dendeng- Dendeng refers to thinly sliced beef cooked in the extremely fragrant rendang spice mix. Strong and multi-layered in flavour, this rendang can be eaten as a sandwich filling or as an accompaniment with hot jasmine rice.

Rendang itself is a traditional food originating from West Sumatra and prepared by Minangkabau people. Rendang is commonly made with beef (especially tenderloin) with a special sauce containing a high amount of coconut milk. In the past, rendang was prepared in such a way that it had a long shelf life and could be stored during long journeys.

Rendang Minang – similar to the rendang above but cooked in the traditional Minang style from whence rendang is said to originally hail from. Is one better than the other? Buy both – you will see that each is delicious in its own right,

Sambal Sotong Kering – spicy dried squid is not a dish for the faint-hearted. It is robust, salty, sweet and full of the flavour of the sea. A little is all you might need. It is like nothing you have ever tried but can quickly become addictive. Have a little bit on crackers or try it with pasta and blow your taste buds into heaven and back.

Easily stored, Sharifah food products can be kept for 24 months after the manufactured date. Not to mention, there is zero colouring or preservatives used in the making of this product. You can easily prepare the ready to eat dish by boiling the bag in water for 3-5 minutes or empty the contents into a microwave-safe dish and heat for 1-2 minutes.

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