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Ready to eat food with retort technology. We serve you old traditional food with modern packaging.

Yabazee Food is the best choice for travellers.

Easy to carry, quick to prepare and delicious to eat.

Take it together with you around the world.

Comes in a packet of 180 grams with a shelf life max to 2 years.

Daging dendeng is a popular dish made from thinly sliced beef that is marinated, seasoned, and then dried or semi-dried. The term “dendeng” generally refers to thinly sliced and dried meat, and “daging” means meat in Indonesian.

Here’s a more detailed description of daging dendeng:

  1. Meat Preparation: Thin slices of beef are typically used for making daging dendeng. The beef is sliced thinly to ensure it dries and cooks evenly.
  2. Marination and Seasoning: The beef slices are marinated in a mixture of various seasonings and spices. Common ingredients in the marinade include soy sauce, garlic, shallots, ginger, sugar, salt, pepper, and sometimes tamarind or lime juice. The marination process allows the meat to absorb the flavors and become more tender.
  3. Drying Process: After marination, the beef slices are laid out in a single layer and left to dry. Traditional methods of drying involve sun drying or air drying, but modern methods often use a food dehydrator. The drying process removes the moisture from the beef, preserving it and giving it a chewy texture.
  4. Cooking: Once the beef slices are sufficiently dried, they can be cooked to achieve the desired texture and flavor. Dendeng can be stir-fried or grilled with a little oil until it’s slightly crispy on the edges. Some variations may involve deep-frying for a crispier texture.
  5. Serving: Daging dendeng is typically served as a side dish or a snack in Indonesian cuisine. It’s often enjoyed with steamed rice, alongside other dishes, or as a topping for salads and rice bowls. The salty, savory, and slightly sweet flavor of dendeng makes it a favorite among many.

Overall, daging dendeng is a flavorful and popular Indonesian dish appreciated for its taste, texture, and versatility in various culinary applications.

– Beef, Chili, Soy Sauce, Cooking Oil, Onion, Spices, Lemongrass, Lime Leaves and Permitted Seasoning.

Preparation Instruction
– Preheat food for 5 minutes in a wok.

Storage Instruction
– Keep in room temperature and dry place. Product can last 2 years. Please throw away if inflated or leaking.

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 17.5 cm


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