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CHEESEY CASSAVA LEAF SNACK is made from the green cassava leaves. It is  blended and combined with spices, anchovies, shrimps and cheese. The  crunchy cheesey slices melt in your mouth leaving a great satisfaction and taste after munching on it. The  cheese flavour makes it mouth watering and finger licking good. It goes well as toppings for creamy soups and porridge. Once you start, you cant stop.

Cassava Leaves, Anchovies, Shrimps, Flour

Health Benefits of Cassava Leaf

The Cassava leaf is low in calories. It provides the satiety effect. The cassava leaves assist in digestion and helps to overcome constipation. It also helps to relieve headaches, cold, rheumatism, ulcers, diarrhea and enhances stamina.


The various health benefits of cassava leaves are as follows:

  1. Good for Pregnant women

Due to the presence of high iron content in cassava leaves it helps pregnant women to avoid anemia. The cassava leaves have high amount of folate and Vitamin C. Due to the bland taste of cassava leaves, it should be cooked with vegetables or meat.

  1. Helps to fight Kwashiorkor

The leaves of cassava are rich in lysine protein which helps to fight against kwashiorkor, which is caused due to protein deficiency. The leaves and tuber should be cooked and washed properly before eating.

  1. Treating diarrhea

Boil 7 cassava leaves in 4 cups of water till  only 2 cups remain. This liquid should be drunk two times a day to cure diarrhea.

  1. Blurred eye view

The cassava leaves should be boiled with garlic and salt and this should be consumed as salad with rice. The daily consumption of cassava leaves concoction helps to treat blurred eyesight.

  1. Increase Appetite

The boiled cassava leaves with garlic and salt should be consumed with tomato sauce and rice. The parts of cassava such as stems and tubers are also considered as traditional medicine. The cassava leaves help to restore the appetite.

  1. Taxable wound heat

The juice of cassava tuber should be squeezed or shredded. Then apply the starch on the wound as an ointment.

  1. Increases endurance

The presence of high vitamin C helps to enhance endurance. The consumption of cassava leaves help to maintain personal hygiene by eliminating various diseases.

  1. Help treat rheumatic diseases

Cassava leaves possess high amount of magnesium which helps to lower the blood pressure level and eliminates the risk of rheumatic diseases.

  1. Heal wounds

The presence of various nutrients helps to heal injuries fast. Add a little amount of Aloe Vera gel, to some crushed cassava leaves and make a paste. This paste should be applied on the wound.

  1. Strengthens immunity

The cassava leaves contain huge amount of Vitamin C and folate which helps to boost the immune system. Vitamin C helps to destroy bacteria and virus. The cassava leaves also help to maintain bone health. The antioxidant helps to eradicate the free radicals in the body. Folate helps to enhance cell production and avoid DNA mutations.

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Crispy & Crunchy Cassava Leaf Snack

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