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What is Malaysian Made Cookies

‘Kuih bangkit’ is light and delicate coconut cream cookies that melt in the mouth. Usually enjoyed during the festive seasons, these cookies are made with tapioca flour and have a creamy rich coconut taste.

‘Kuih bangkit’ (tapioca cookies) is often enjoyed during festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya in Malaysia and Singapore. These little coconut cookies are made with tapioca flour that results in them being light, airy and delicate. In the Malay language, the term ‘kuih’ refers to bite-sized snacks or sweet/savoury desserts. ‘Bangkit’ on the other hand means ‘to rise’. I assumed that the name derives from the cookies rising during the baking process.

Dry-fry the flour

The perfect kuih bangkit crumbles and melts in the mouth the moment it is eaten. It is light, airy and delicate in texture. Getting the melting effect is no small feat. To make it successfully, the moisture from the flour needs to be removed in order to create a light and fluffy texture. Therefore, the flour needs to be baked or cooked in a dry pan beforehand.

Cream coconut

Pure cream coconut is recommended as it is thick in consistency and lacks in moisture. This is perfect when making kuih bangkit to get its crumbly texture. Ensure to choose good quality cream coconut to achieve the optimum flavour. It is advisable to sift the cream coconut for a smoother texture.

Coconut cream which is a thicker version of coconut milk can also be used. However, in comparison, coconut cream has a higher liquid content and more fluid.

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Each pack weighs 380g

Matahari Resources is the right place to buy various types of Malaysian made cookies. Their cookies are crunchy, crispy, tasty, yummy and above all addictive. These cookies are made from the finest cooking and baking ingredients with no added preservatives. Then they are packaged following stringent rules. They stay crispy and fresh for a few days after being opened. These cookies are available all year round and are very suitable for all occasions or gatherings with friends and loved ones. Get these premium cookies now as they run out of stock fast due to popular demand.

Matahari Resources has introduced 3 new flavours for the cookie lovers out there. They are :

  1. Semperit Cheese (Cheese Flavoured Cookie)
  2. Bangkit Cheese (Cheese Flavoured Bangkit Cookie)
  3. Red Velvet Choc Chip

You must try them today. Grab hold of a pack and you will crave for more. Don’t say I didn’t warn you that they are so addictive!