Blended Lemongrass Paste (180g) by Anaris Food

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Finely blended lemongrass made from 100% premium fresh ingredients. Created using purified water with no added preservatives or vinegar, and free from artificial dyes. It has a shelf life of up to half a year. Prior to opening, keep it at room temperature. Once opened, store it in the refrigerator.


EXPIRY DATE: 21/7/2024

Lemongrass is a food fragrance/flavouring that has an influence on Malay and Asian cuisine. Unlike pandan leaves, which are primarily used for desserts, lemongrass finds its place in savoury dishes involving fish, chicken, and meat. Its incorporation amplifies the aromatic qualities of the food, enriching its fragrance.

Lemongrass is a fantastic ingredient in cooking for a few reasons:

1. **Great Smell:** Lemongrass makes food smell really good, especially in dishes with lots of spices like curry, stews, and soups. It’s like a delicious scent that makes the food more appetizing.

2. **Yummy Flavor:** When you want your food to taste even better, adding lemongrass is a smart move. Even in dishes that aren’t super spicy, like stews and stir-fries, lemongrass adds a wonderful taste that you’ll love.

3. **Bye-Bye Bad Smells:** Lemongrass is like a superhero in the kitchen, especially when you’re cooking fish, chicken, or beef. It helps get rid of any unpleasant fishy or strong smells from the meat.

4. **Tasty Drinks:** Lemongrass isn’t just for food – it’s great for drinks too! If you boil crushed lemongrass in a hot drink, it gives off a nice smell that can make you feel relaxed and warm. Your drink will smell and taste really good.

So, lemongrass is like a secret ingredient that makes food and drinks smell better, taste better, and even help with bad smells. Just remember, you usually crush and put lemongrass in your cooking because its smell is strong and can change the taste.

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