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‘TREESIB’ TOASTED BREAD By Smile To Rich Global Resources(Pack of 3)


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Vendor Information

Ever wondered why toast tastes so much better than normal bread?

Toast tastes so much better than normal bread because it goes through a Malliard reaction. This is a chemical reaction that occurs between the sugars in the bread and amino acids, which produces hundreds of lovely new flavour compounds. These compounds break down to form yet more flavours and thus, gives the toast a totally different taste to your average slice of bread. If the toast is slathered with salted butter or fruity/savoury preserves of your choice, your have a slice of heaven in your hands.

Sugar Toast

With our busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, we tend to yearn to have a bite of this slice of heaven in the mornings before rushing out to do our daily chores. Usually, it ends up futile. Fret no more as Smile To Rich Global Resources has brought the toasted bread, packaged right to your door steps. Toasted to perfection without over browning and made from fluffy bread. Covered with butter and sugar to alleviate the toast to the next level of yumminess. Eat it on its oven or slightly warm the toast in the microwave. Top it with some savoury or sweet preserves and devour it to your hearts content. Very suitable for all ages and one toast would not be enough.

Pack of 3 – 390g

Each product weighs 130g