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LOVE LETTERS BY Smackey Enterprise (2 Jars of 250G)




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Vendor Information

During the height of the British empire, before the independence of Malaysia. We’ve cultivated so many of our food from the British. Take Kuih Kapit for example or known as Love Letters, the British soldier loves to have their tea and a vast biscuit repertoire, which includes thin wafer biscuits. It is believed that many biscuit and cake techniques were passed to Malays by the Dutch, English, and Portuguese.

The love letters are very crunchy, sweet and very delightful,The originality of the traditional love letters has added with the combination of pure love and happiness to reduce stress that you have gone through. 

Come with many exciting flavour that will blow your mind, all you gotta do is just choose.

(2 Jars of 250G)