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Cameron Highlands: Some must-do things for first timers

With its cool air, lush hillscape and touch of colonial nostalgia, Cameron Highlands lures both locals and globetrotters to this weekend wonderland. Here is a comprehensive list of things to do in the highlands, from the not-to-be-missed activities, to uniquely local favourites. Keep this for your next trip!

  1. Visit the tea plantation.
  2. Eat lavender ice cream at the Lavender Garden.
  3. Pluck fresh strawberries.
  4. Smell the roses in a rose garden.
  5. Adopt a cactus.
  6. Go back in time at the Time Tunnel Museum.
  7. See colourful butterflies at the Butterfly Farm.
  8. Visit Sam Poh Temple


Asian King of Fruits – Durian

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Why Chocolates make the Perfect Gift to anyone?

Chocolates are the sweet little things that you hate to love but cannot resist gorging on whenever you see them. These are the simplest yet the tastiest way to make your special occasions even more wonderful and memorable. Here are some of the few reasons to let you know that why you should opt for chocolates this festive season and what makes them the perfect gift option.

Chocolate is Love!

Show me one person who does not love chocolate in some form. Be it nuts, truffle, hot cocoa, mint chocolate, milk chocolate or dark one, in each form, it showcases desire, love and indulgence with each bite.

Chocolate is Health!

Chocolate has flavanols which fight free radicals of your body which are responsible for pre-mature ageing and cell damage. If you choose the right dark chocolate and eat the right amount of it, chances are you would get more anti-oxidants than a bowl full of blueberries.

If you are a chocolate lover, then you must try ‘Hatter’s’ Freshly handmade Chocolates from Cameron Highlands (Chocolate Durian/ Strawberry Chocolate) by Norsham Homemade Confectionery. Simply ravishing and made from exotic fruits like durians and strawberries. One bite and you are hooked for life. Your taste buds would crave more of these chocolates. Gift it to your loved ones and watch the glow on their faces.



Sugar,Coco Mass, Coco Butter, Cold Milk Powder, Soya Lecithin, Vanilin & Durian Flavour.  

Sugar, Coco Mass, Cocoa Butter, Cold Milk Powder, Soya Lecithin, Vanilin & Strawberry Flavour

 Both Flavours –  Each pack weighs  45g