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A maximum of only 6 packs can be purchased – 1500g

Each pack weighs  250g



Anchovies by Green Legacy have the highest quality of anchovies bringing depth in flavour for your cooking. We at Green Legacy present to you:

* Ikan Bilis Mata Biru (salted and dried)

Carefully cleaned, thoroughly washed, and dried, Green Legacy have done all the hard work for you.  It’s less salty than your regular kind of anchovy as well, meaning it is excellent for those who are with high blood pressure. Dried anchovies last for a very long time if stored in a cool dry place.

Crispy fried anchovies are the perfect accompaniment to a salad, giving it that slight crunch and umami flavour. If made into chilli sambal, it becomes an excellent sandwich filling. Alternative it for chorizo wherever possible and you will soon discover the awesome flavour of the Malaysian anchovy.


Dried Anchovies, Salt

A maximum of only 6 packs can be purchased – 1500g

Each pack weighs  250g

Sambal Ikan Bilis
It is one of the popular dish accompaniment for the Malaysia Nasi Lemak. You should try it with this recipe, it is fast and easy.



1 bowl Anchovies (Ikan Bilis) – wash, drain & pat dry

1 large Red Onion (sliced)

Palm sugar (chopped)

15g Tamarind paste mixed with 1/2 cup of water, discard the solids

1 tablespoon Belacan powder / Belacan cube (Shrimp Paste)

Salt to taste 

Cooking Oil




(To blend into a paste)

6 pieces Shallots

6 cloves Garlic 

1 piece Red Onion 

12 pieces Dried Chili

3 pieces Red Chili 




  1. Wash the anchovies, drain and pat dry with kitchen paper towel. Set aside.
  2. Put in all the Chili Paste ingredients into the blender and blend well until it forms a paste.
  3. Next, heat up the frying pan with oil and fry the anchovies until golden brown and crispy. Remove from pan and dry the excess oil with a paper towel. 
  4. In a clean frying pan, add some oil and put in the blended chilli paste. Use medium heat as the paste tends to burn easily. 
  5. When the chilli paste starts to change slightly darker in colour, add in the palm sugar and stir. 
  6. Then, add in the belacan powder and continue stirring. 
  7. Add in the sliced red onion and stir again.
  8. After that, put in the tamarind water and mix well.
  9. Season with salt to taste. If you prefer sweeter sambal, you may add in more sugar.
  10. Lastly, mix in the fried anchovies.
  11. Your sambal is now ready. Enjoy!

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