Crispy Fried Shallot (150gm) by Cik Zaini


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Fried onions with the best solution and processed in a homemade way to produce a crispy, delicious and enticing taste.

Crispy fried shallots are great for flavouring and also as a garnish. Coating them with a bit of cornflour before frying makes them extremely crispy.

How to Make Your Own Fried Shallot?

  • Slicing shallots to the proper thickness with a mandoline ensures that they cook at an even rate and are able to crisp properly without becoming greasy.
  • Removing the shallots from the heat and straining them when they’re lightly golden keeps them from turning too dark and bitter due to carryover cooking.
  • Gently blotting the shallots on multiple layers of paper towels keeps them from turning soggy and oily.
  • Along with crispy fried shallots, this recipe produces an aromatic fried shallot oil that can be used to make things like vinaigrettes, mayonnaise, or subsequent batches of fried shallots.

Once the shallots are fully dried and cooled, they’re ready to go. You can enjoy them immediately, or carefully transfer them to an airtight container and store them at room temperature for weeks. For long-term storage, I like to line the container with a paper towel and a desiccant packet

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 9 × 11 cm


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