‘Cik Yut’ Asam Pedas Paste

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Assam Pedas (Spicy and Sour) is a classic Malaysian dish. Ask any home cooks in Malaysia and you are bound to get various recipes for Assam Pedas. Everyone has their own interpretation for this favourite dish and there are endless adaptations. It is just sour, fiery hot, and tastes extraordinarily satisfying. It goes well with hot steamed brown or white rice. To some Malaysians, this asam pedas dish falls under the comfort food category.

Now with  ‘Cik Yut’ Asam Pedas Paste, you can give your loved ones a scrumptious Asian treat anytime of the year. Bring some Malaysian delight to your table with ease.


Chilli, Onion, Tamarind, Young Turmeric, Ginger



Cik Yut Asam Pedas Paste is made from a list of organic ingredients like Chilli, Onion, Tamarind, Young Turmeric and  Ginger. Each item adds a distinctive taste to the dish and enhances it even more. Usually fish is used in asam pedas to bring it to the next level in taste.

What is Tamarind?

Tamarind is a hardwood tree known scientifically as Tamarindus indica. It’s native to Africa but also grows in India, Pakistan and many other tropical regions. The tree produces bean-like pods filled with seeds surrounded by a fibrous pulp. The pulp of the young fruit is green and sour. As it ripens, the juicy pulp becomes paste-like and more sweet-sour. Interestingly, tamarind is sometimes referred to as the “date of India.”

Cooking Uses of Tamarind

It is used in sauces, marinades, chutneys, drinks and desserts. It’s also one of the ingredients of Worcestershire sauce.

What is young turmeric?

Turmeric is a flowering plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. The roots of which are used in cooking many favourite Asian dishes and is one of the ingredients in Cik Yut Asam Pedas Paste. Turmeric is about 60–70% carbohydrates, 6–13% water, 6–8% protein, 5–10% fat, 3–7% dietary minerals, 3–7% essential oils, 2–7% dietary fiber, and 1–6% curcuminoids.

The best fish to use in asam pedas

Traditional Assam Pedas calls for Spanish mackerel, stingray or pomfret. If you can find these fish at where you stay unlike Malaysia, you can also use Tuna or Salmon.


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