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Zie's Dried Jelly


Zie’s Dried Jelly

Zie’s Dried Jelly is one of the traditional sweet that is very rare to be found nowadays. This jelly is usually served during festive occasions like Hari Raya  among Malay communities in Malaysia. This practice was especially strong in villages through out the country long time ago. Now there are  initiatives to bring this sweet and made available not only to Malaysians but also to people overseas who want to taste this unique sweet delight.

Zie’s Dried Jelly, is made from seaweed, sugar and fruit flavoured extracts to give the awesome taste. It takes 2 days in the process to dry this sweet to make sure it is totally dry and its shelf life becomes longer. This sweet  can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Even though the exterior gives a dry look, but when we chew on it, we can feel the tenderness as well as the juicy flavour. It is a new chapter reopened from the past and a great experience for the new generation to enjoy. One bite and the taste will linger in your taste buds for a long time. You will crave for more!

Note : This is a just a suggestion. The sky’s the limit when it comes to whipping up something gastronomically new using ingredients that you have in your pantry.

How about making this Asian desert (Malaysian Shaved Ice) for this summer with Zie’s Dried Jelly


  1. 2 cups crushed or shaved ice
  2. 2 tablespoons condensed milk or evaporated milk
  3. 2 tablespoons canned red beans, in kernels
  4. 2 tablespoons canned sweet corn, cream-style
  5. 2 tablespoons grass jelly pieces
  6. A few pieces Attap chee, palm nuts, (optional)
  7. A few pieces Zie’s dried jelly in different colours. This gives a distinct chewiness and taste.

Note: If you cannot get red beans, grass jelly or attap chee, you can use jackfruit, nata de coco or any fruits of your choice.


  1. 1/4 cup sugar
  2. 1/3 cup water
  3. Food colouring of your choice (red, green, etc)

To make the syrup – Add all the ingredients in a small sauce pan. Heat it up over medium heat. As soon as the sugar melts and the syrup starts to bubble, turn off the heat. Set aside and let it cool.

Note: You can make a few colours to make the desert colourful


  1. Prepare the shaved ice by using a blender. Make sure the ice is completely shaved.
  2. Take a bowl and fill it with the fruits. Then transfer the shaved ice to the bowl to cover the fruits,
  3. Add generously the colorful syrup on the shaved ice.
  4. Followed by the condensed milk or evaporated milk . Top it with Zie’s dried jelly.
  5. To bring it to the next level, add a scoop of ice cream (your choice).
  6. Serve immediately.

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Craving for some fruity jelly bites? Try Zie’s Dried Jelly and no other jelly sweets would appeal to you. Specially and lovingly made with extra care using only the finest ingredients. Very suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it uses agar-agar (seaweed) and contains no gelatin.

Eat it on its own as a snack or top it as a garnish on your ice cream and pudding. It will give you the extra chewiness and texture that leaves a great feeling in the mouth. If you are a lover of ice Kacang (shaved ice with  colourful sugar syrup), this jelly goes as a great accompaniment. Comes in mixed colours in a bottle.

Agar-Agar (Seaweed), Rock Sugar, Food Flavour Extracts