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Nasi lemak is a Malay cuisine dish consisting of fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It is commonly found in Malaysia, where it is considered the national dish. it is also the native dish in neighbouring areas with significant Malay populations such as Singapore, Brunei and Southern Thailand.

Traditionally, nasi lemak is served with a hot spicy sauce (sambal), and usually includes various garnishes, including fresh cucumber slices, small fried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, and hard-boiled or fried egg. As a more substantial meal, nasi lemak may also be served with an additional protein dish such as ayam goreng (fried chicken), sambal sotong (cuttlefish in chili), small fried fish, cockles, and on special occasions rendang daging (beef stewed in coconut milk and spices). Other accompaniments include stir fried water convolvulus (kangkong) and spicy pickled vegetables salad acar.

Preparing the nasi lemak is of no small matter. There is the coconut milk rice to attend to, the sambal comes next, the dry fried anchovies and peanuts follow suit and finally the other accompaniments like cucumber and acar are there. In the end before you could savour and enjoy your meal heartily, you are dead tired from cooking and don’t forget the washing up would be coming soon.

To relief all nasi lemak lovers of these burden, FRS MARKETING SDN BHD has introduced the  NASI LEMAK TUMIIES KIT. This is a kit that comprises of:

  1. Nasi Lemak Powder
  2. Fried Anchovies
  3. Fried Ground Nut
  4. Sambal Nasi Lemak Tumiies

All that is needed to be done is to wash the rice, mix the rice with the nasi  lemak powder and to cook it, All the other accompaniments are readily in the pack. Once the rice is cooked, you have a full nasi lemak meal at hand. Easy breezy.

Who says you need to be a chef to cook nasi lemak. With this nasi lemak kit anyone can cook.

Each cake weighs 1000g



Nasi Lemak Halal UK

What is nasi lemak ?

Pandn Leaves

Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant in the Pandanus genus, which is commonly known as pandan. It has fragrant leaves which are used widely for flavouring in the cuisines of Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Homemade Sambal

Sambal is a chilli sauce or paste typically made from a mixture of a variety of chilli peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, garlic, ginger, shallot, scallion, palm sugar, and lime juice.

Acar or Vege Pickles

Acar is a type of vegetable pickle and popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It is a localised version of the Indian Achaar.

Dried Anchovies


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 19 × 5 cm

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