Traditional Soup Spice 10G Base Sachet by Waqiah


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Combination of fine blended of selected whole spices tied up inside a piece of small square muslin fabric (gauze like cotton). Exact amount of spices are already measured for specific amount of meat, chicken or any of your favorite choice of soups.

Conveniently packed for delicious, home cooked soup, add a pack of Sup Punjut into Chicken soup, Bone soup, Oxtail soup, Fish or vegetable soups. Spices also suitable to cook rice and spiced dishes.

Introducing Sup Punjut, a delightful blend of carefully selected whole spices expertly mixed and enclosed in a small square muslin fabric (soft cotton-like material). Each pack contains precisely measured spices, perfectly suited for various meats, chicken, or your favourite soups.

Enjoy the convenience of preparing delicious, home-cooked soups by simply adding a Sup Punjut pack to your Chicken soup, Bone soup, Oxtail soup, Fish soup, or even vegetable soup. These flavorful spices can also be used to enhance the taste of rice and other spiced dishes.

Make your cooking experience a breeze with this traditional soup spice, delivering rich flavours and a delightful aroma to your culinary creations.

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Traditional Soup Spice Base (20g) Sachet by Waqiah

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