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TRADITIONAL KUIH KARAS by Zularis Enterprise




  1. 1 packet rice flour
  2. 2 cups sugar
  3. 3 cups of coconut milk
  4.  oil for deep frying



Sift the rice flour and mix with sugar. Then add coconut milk and mix well. Heat the oil in the pan. Put the mixture into the Karas mold and pour the batter in the pan. When the colour is a bit golden, remove from heat and fold. When It is cold, keep the Karas in an air tight container to prevent the karas from becoming soft. It can remain crunchy for weeks and months if stored properly.

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Vendor Information

Karas or Kuih Karas is one of the famous traditional snack in Kedah, a state in Northern part of West Malaysia. It is a traditional snack made from rice flour. It  looks like dried vermicelli but crispy and sweet in taste. The Karas are made by using a mixture of liquid rice flour which is diffused using a special mold in hot oil until golden yellow. It is then folded in quarters while it is still hot.


Want to try Kuih Karas? Then you must try Traditional Kuih Karas By Zularis Enterprise . It is the best Kuih Karas in Malaysia and a suitable snack to be eaten during tea time with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Give it a try and crunch away.

Each weighs 400g