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Traditional Dodol Ready to Eat (500g) by Diyana Global


Traditional Dessert ready to eat 💯 using Gula Enau 💯Freshly Made Dodol 💯 Less Sweet Dodol 💯 No additional white/red sugar  

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Dodol, the nostalgic and evergreen Malay traditional delicacy, has been listed as one of the endangered heritage foods in Malaysia.

Better known as penganan by the Negri Sembilan community is a Hari Raya staple food, often served to family members, friends and guests.

Making the chewy and caramel-like sweet Malay traditional treat requires strength, consistency and a high degree of patience. It is no easy task as it requires meticulous and rigorous methods, and takes almost ten hours to cook.

Furthermore, the cooking process needs a special skill in controlling the heat, using a stirring and manual mixing technique and is cooked using a huge wok. It is traditionally cooked over firewood that will produce a special smoky aroma that creates a nostalgic and distinct flavour of dodol.

Beginning with a watery texture, the mixture has to be gently and continuously stirred until thickened. The process of stirring the mixture to get the dodol to just the right consistency is a test of patience for the ‘stirrer’ who would pass the baton to another, amid the blazing sun and burning firewood.

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Dimensions 17 × 12 × 4 cm


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