Sweet & Spicy Malaysian Chilli Sauce (300g) by DE’ Orange Enterprise

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Infuse excitement into every meal as you drizzle, dip, or marinate with our Sweet & Spicy Chilli Sauce. Elevate your favorite dishes, from grilled delights to stir-fried wonders, and let the fusion of flavors transport you to the heart of Malaysia’s culinary culture.

Experience the magic of a sauce that adds both depth and excitement, appealing to those who appreciate the interplay of contrasting tastes. Embark on a culinary journey that promises the perfect balance of sweetness and spice in every savory bite.

Sweet & Spicy Malaysian Chilli Sauce (300g)

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our Chili Sauce crafted using a time-honoured recipe. It was prepared from a harmonious blend of freshly-picked chillies and premium spices, this sauce is a culinary gem cherished by cooks worldwide.

Sauces, or SOS, play a vital role in enhancing the flavours of various dishes across the globe. They are an essential accompaniment, adding a delightful dimension to food and serving specific purposes. With a wide array of types, colours, basic ingredients, and flavours, sauces cater to diverse culinary needs. Their versatile nature enriches dishes by imparting flavour, moisture, and added nutrients, and elevating the overall taste when drizzled.

Carefully curated, our Chili Sauce features the following natural ingredients:
– Fresh Chilies
– Sugar
– Premium Salt
– Onions
– Food Starch
– Benzoic Acid (preservative)
– Acetic Acid
– Purified Water

Experience the lusciousness of our Chili Sauce as it enhances your favourite meals and elevates your dining experience.

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