SWEET CRUNCHY POPCORN (POPLICIOUS) by Pop Licious Empire (Pack of 3)

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Popcorn, that delicious, crunchy food morsel for butter, caramel and salt, is seeing its star rise. Americans already consume nearly 50 litres of popped corn a year on an average. But in the UK, where crisps have traditionally been more popular, popcorn sales have begun to catch on and skyrocket.

Popcorn was hugely popular at fairs and carnivals in the mid-1800s. Street vendors were able to easily make and sell this delicious, aromatic snack food by the bag when the first steam-powered popcorn maker was created in 1885. However, movie theatres caught on this idea and thus the rest is history.

Imagine yourself sitting at home, snug on the sofa, watching your favourite movie and enjoying this buttery sweet goodness, all year round.  Well, now you can do so with Popcorn from Pop Licious Empire. Just kick back, take a break and pop a bit of yumminess into your mouth.  This popcorn has been lovingly made to give a great aromatic smell with a taste that will appeal to everyone. Don’t take our word for it, you be the judge.


230gm per pack

(Comes in packs of 3)





Benefits of eating Popcorn

Popcorn has many benefits like it can help you lose weight, it can keep your blood sugar in check, it is a whole grain and It is full of vitamins and minerals. But these benefits work well only if it is consumed freshly popped without added salt, butter and sugar.

History Popcorn Edition

Biblical accounts of “corn” stored in the pyramids of Egypt are misunderstood. The “corn” from the bible was probably barley. The mistake comes from a changed use of the word “corn,” which used to signify the most-used grain of a specific place. In England, “corn” was wheat, and in Scotland and Ireland, the word referred to oats. Since maize was the common American “corn,” it took that name — and keeps it today.

It is believed that the first use of wild and early cultivated corn was popping. The oldest ears of popcorn ever found were discovered in the Bat Cave of west-central New Mexico in 1948 and 1950. Ranging from smaller than a penny to about 2 inches, the oldest Bat Cave ears are about 4,000 years old.

Popcorn was integral to early 16th century Aztec Indian ceremonies. Bernardino de Sahagun writes: “And also several young women danced, having so vowed, a popcorn dance. As thick as tassels of maize were their popcorn garlands. And these they placed upon (the girls’) heads.” In 1519, Cortes got his first sight of popcorn when he invaded Mexico and came into contact with the Aztecs. Popcorn was an important food for the Aztec Indians, who also used as decoration for ceremonial headdresses, necklaces and ornaments on statues of their gods, including Tlaloc, the god of rain and fertility.

Native girl with garland

An early Spanish account of a ceremony honouring the Aztec gods who watched over fishermen reads: “They scattered before him parched corn, called momochitl, a kind of corn which bursts when parched and discloses its contents and makes itself look like a very white flower; they said these were hailstones given to the god of water.”

After thousand-year innovation thus came along Crunchy Corn Bites. Click here to learn more about the Origins of Popcorn.

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