SPICY SERONDENG IKAN BILIS (DRIED ANCHOVY FLOSS) by MyRuzzkies (deCikTijah) – Pack of 3 (80g Each Pack)

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Serondeng (Floss)

Serondeng is a delicacy that originated from the state of Kelantan in Malaysia. It is basically a type of floss that can be made with various types of protein source like chicken, meat, fish and dried anchovies. Some just simply use coconut flakes to make this floss. It is cooked with spices and coconut milk until the meat gets dry. The purpose of cooking it until dry is so that it lasts longer, like any other type of floss or jerky.

Dried Anchovies

Spicy Serondeng Ikan Bilis (Dried Anchovy Floss) by MyRuzzkies (deCikTijah) is prepared using a traditional family recipe with quality ingredients and herbs. Serondeng can be eaten with bread, steamed rice, porridge and glutinous rice. Some also like to eat it together with Lontong (a coconut soup with veggies and rice cakes). You can also toss it as a topping on salads, soups and as fillings for sandwiches. It is ready-to-eat and can be enjoyed for any special occasions such as Eid and weddings.  This serondeng is a big hit among travellers, hikers and campers.

Get hold of this spicy and tasty Serondeng Ikan Bilis (Anchovy Floss) today. Once you start, you cant stop.

100g per pack

Pack of 3


Lontong (a coconut soup with veggies and rice cakes)

What is …?

Spicy Serondeng is a Malaysian spicy fried coconut flake, which is made from sautéing grated coconut and is often used as a side dish to accompany rice.

Spicy serondeng can be mixed with meat in dishes such as serundeng daging (beef serundeng), sprinkled on top of other dishes such as Soto soup, ketupat or covering all over ketan.

Lontong is an Indonesian dish made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana leaf, commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Rice is rolled inside a banana leaf and boiled, then cut into small cakes as a staple food replacement of steamed rice.

In Malaysia, beef serundeng usually tastes rather sweet because of the generous addition of coconut sugar, and it is commonly associated with Javanese cuisine. Serundeng fried coconut flakes as sprinkled dry condiment are also found in Betawi cuisine of Jakarta, and Makassar cuisine of South Sulawesi, usually applied upon sotoketan, or burasa (rice in banana leaf cooked in coconut milk).

In Malaysia, the term serunding refers to meat floss instead, it can be mixed with grated coconut or not. While in Indonesia, meat floss is called abon, and serundeng is clearly referred to as spiced and sauteed grated coconut.

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