Shawl RTW Mardhiyah



The RTW shawl is specially designed to help women who want a simple style with a single sheath without the need to pin the scarf but it is attractive and saves time.

Mardhiyah collection R.T.W shawl can help you solve problems, without the need for “Iron” because the Korean Moss Crepe quality fabric material is very flowy and comfortable to wear all day. The awning is always on point near the face, you don’t have to blow it anymore, with an international standard pattern that makes the girl more beautiful and elegant. 

✅Moss Crepe Fabric Material
✅No need to rub
✅Cool and comfortable soft fabric
✅Fabric is not rare
✅Fabric does not feel heavy
✅Does not discolour/does not fade easily (Although often washed)
✅Solid fabric





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1. Just wash by hand gently with a little liquid detergent.

2. Wash with cold water and soak for 5 minutes.

3. Do not leave it in the water for longer because the colour of the fabric will start to fade.

4. Rinse well by running cold water to the lid until the water is no longer soapy.

5. Hang in lying flat, do not use clips as they can make a mark on the fabric on the line.