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SERUNDING KAKNGAH (MEAT/CHICKEN/FISH FLOSS) By Legasi ABR Delima Enterprise (All 3 Flavours)




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In Malaysia, the term serunding refers to meat, chicken and fish floss. It can be mixed with grated coconut or solely made. Malaysians love their serundings because they can accompany many dishes. Can be eaten with steamed hot rice, as a topping for creamy soups and rice porridge and even as a sandwich spread mixed with chilli sauce and mayonnaise. The choices are endless here as these serundings are yummy, tasty, flavourful and amps up the dishes it is paired with.

Have I raised the curiosity to try these serundings? How about trying Serunding KakNgah (Meat/Chicken/Fish Floss)  by Legasi ABR Delima Enterprise. These

Flosses are tasty, yummy and flavourful. Once you start adding these flosses to your meals and dishes, your taste buds woud crave for more.

All 3 Flavours – 1000g