Serunding Halia Bilis (Dried Anchovy Snack – Ginger Flavoured) by Tiraly Empire 150g

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Delightful and Peppery Serunding Halia Ikan Bilis is no exception. Lovingly homemade with natural ingredients like ginger, anchovies and spices, it gives a great peppery spicy taste that would leave a lingering taste in your mouth. This will make you to crave for more. Eat it with steamed rice, bread, sprinkle over hot soups or just on its own as a snack. Get one pack today and enjoy the great umami flavour.

SERUNDING HALIA BILIS is a mixture of spicy ginger, garlic, shallots, and crispy fried anchovies. It is seasoned with black pepper, a hint of sugar, and flavoring powder.

• GINGER – We use 100% fresh and spicy ginger that is grated by hand, not blended into a fine paste. This provides a satisfying texture and flavor when eaten.

• ANCHOVIES – We use premium quality anchovies that are guaranteed to be crispy and delicious.

• GARLIC – We use fresh garlic that is thinly sliced and washed to remove any bitter or pungent taste. It is fried using fresh oil to maintain the quality of the garlic.

• ROSE SHALLOTS – The rose shallots used are of premium quality and add a natural sweet and savory taste to the ginger floss.

• BLACK PEPPER – We use genuine ground black pepper that is finely blended to enhance the flavor. It is also great for warming the body during confinement period.

It is perfect to be eaten with porridge, white rice, fried rice, or as a snack on its own.

Suitable for postpartum mothers and also helps to relieve flatulence in the body.

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GINGER FLOSS WITH ANCHOVIES AND SHALLOTS (Serunding Halia Bilis-150g) by Tiraly Empire

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