Ready to Eat Meal by Santan Berlado (180gram)



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Indulge in our enticing array of ready-to-eat meals, each boasting its own irresistible aroma that promises to tantalize your taste buds. With two distinct varieties to choose from, our meals are crafted to perfection, offering a delightful culinary experience that effortlessly caters to your cravings and busy lifestyle. From savory classics to innovative flavors, our offerings guarantee convenience without compromising on flavor or aroma, ensuring every meal is a moment of pure culinary delight.

Ready to Eat Meal by Santan Berlado

We have two types of products;
1. Smoked meat in creamy coconut milk-based:
2. Daging Dendeng

Smoked meat in spicy coconut gravy is a traditional Malay dish from Malaysia that features smoked meat (daging salai) cooked in a rich and creamy coconut milk-based sauce (lemak). The dish typically includes tender chunks of smoked meat, often beef or chicken, although other meats can be used as well.

To prepare Smoked meat in spicy coconut gravy, the smoked meat is first marinated with a blend of spices which may include turmeric, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, and chili, among others. The marinated meat is then smoked to infuse it with a deep, smoky flavor, adding complexity to the dish.

Once the meat is smoked, it is then simmered in a creamy coconut milk sauce along with various aromatic ingredients such as onions, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and occasionally vegetables like eggplant or green beans. The sauce is seasoned with spices such as turmeric, chili powder, and sometimes tamarind or lime leaves for added tanginess and depth of flavor.

The result is a hearty and flavorful dish with a creamy texture and a balance of savory, smoky, and aromatic flavors. Smoked meat in spicy coconut gravy is often served with steamed rice or as an accompaniment to other Malay dishes, making it a popular choice in Malaysian cuisine.

– Smoked beef, Bird’s eye chili, fresh turmeric, lemongrass, coconut milk, salt and tamarind skin.

Daging dendeng is a traditional Malaysian dish consisting of thinly sliced beef that is marinated, dried, and then fried until crispy. The beef slices are typically marinated in a mixture of spices, including garlic, ginger, shallots, coriander, and sometimes chili for added heat. After marination, the beef is dried or air-dried to remove excess moisture, which intensifies its flavor and allows it to develop a chewy texture. Finally, the marinated and dried beef slices are deep-fried until crispy and caramelized. Daging dendeng is known for its rich flavor profile, combining sweet, savory, and spicy notes, and it is often enjoyed as a snack or served alongside rice and other Indonesian dishes.

– Beef, palm oil, dried chili, 4 dried spices, onion, ginger, lemongrass, grass, sou sauce and salt

Suggested Serving:
– Appetizers. Easy, save time, ready to serve. Suitable for taking on holiday in and out of the country.


Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 3 × 21 cm

Smoked meat in spicy coconut gravy, Daging Dendeng


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