INANG-INANG (RICE CRACKER) By Click Net Enterprise

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  • Inang-Inang Rice Cracker
  • Inang-Inang Rice Cracker


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Rengginang (INANG-INANG) is a thick rice cracker, made from cooked glutinous sticky rice and seasoned with spices, made into a flat and rounded shape, and then sun-dried. The sun-dried rengginang is deep fried with ample cooking oil to produce a crispy rice cracker.

Rengginang is quite different from other types of traditional Asian crackers. Most of these traditional crackers’ ingredients are ground into a fine paste, whereas Rengginang retains the shapes of its rice grains. It is similar to Japanese arare, and yet it differs because arare are individually separated larger rice pellets, while rengginang rice granules are stuck together in a flat-rounded shape. Rengginang traditionally made from dried leftover rice.

Rengginang can be plain or flavoured sweet, salty or savoury. The most common rengginang are deep fried with added pinches of salt for a traditional salty taste.

If you have an urge to try Rengginang today, how about giving INANG-INANG (RICE CRACKER) By Click Net Enterprise a go? It is made from the finest glutinuous rice with no preservatives.  It comes in a flash of pleasing colours and can be eaten as a snack right out of the pack, Top it with your favourite spreads like tuna, sardines. Anchovies, nut butter of your choice, jams or fruit preserves or even sambal paste. Could also double as toppings for creamy soups and porridge to give texture and crunch. Have it sweet or savoury and tie down your hunger pangs.

Each pack weighs 375g


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Weight 0.375 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 7 cm

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