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‘PRSTASI MEWAH’ CHILLI PASTE By Prestasi Mewah Caterers Sdn Bhd (Pack of 2)


If you’re a lover of spicy food, you probably have a collection of your favourite ground chili powders in your pantry, at least a bottle or two of hot sauce, and maybe a jar of store-bought chili paste. Chili paste is typically made from toasted and reconstituted dried chilies, and is more deeply-flavored than most powders and hot sauces. Chili paste can be used on top of dishes or as an ingredient in recipes. Chili paste is often used in Asian cuisine, but can be used in any dish you wish to add fresh and spicy taste to. Chili paste can include additional ingredients such as fermented soy beans, salt, vinegar, lime juice or garlic. Have you ever tried making your own chili paste at home? It’s not that easy as it involves frying and cooking chillis that hurt your throat and eyes leaving you irritated. To relief you of this burden, Prestasi Mewah Caterers Sdn Bhd  has come up with ‘IBU’ CHILLI PASTE. Readily available  and can be sent to your door step ready to be eaten. Add it as a condiment to any food that you like or jazz up your plain food items. Whatever food item you are going eat this chilli paste with, it is going to leave a flavourful explosion in your mouth. Ingredients: Oil, Dry Chilli, Salt, Sugar, Anchovy, Dried Prawns, Onion 

Pack of 2 – 600g (300g x2)

Each weighs 300g


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