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There is just something awesome about good finger-licking and tasty fried chicken that just hits the spot for everyone. Whether it is fried, grilled, steamed or roasted no one declines it. With the right recipe, you will be treated to a decadent treat of juicy flavourful meat and crispy tender skin. It’s no wonder that chicken is a staple in many households.

Now coming to your doorstep is POPA’s Rempah Ayam Goreng Bawang that is going to give your fried chicken a whole new dimension in taste and crispiness. Carefully prepared with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives, this spice mix is bursting with flavours. Marinate your chicken with this spice mix and simply fry it. The aroma will make heads turn and soon all your fried chicken would be gone. You don’t have to stop with chicken, as this spice mix works well with fish and other meats too. Once you have tried POPA’s REMPAH AYAM GORENG BAWANG, there would be no necessity to look for other spice mixes anymore.


Flour, Chili Powder, Tumeric Powder, Cumin Powder, Onion Powder And Salt.

Ayam Goreng Bawang (Malay Spiced Fried Chicken)

Serves 4-6

Chop up 1 whole large chicken into about 12 pieces (or use 12 drumsticks/thighs). This should be approximately 4.5 lbs (2 kg).

Blend in a grinder to a paste:

1 medium cooking onion

4 large cloves garlic

1″ ginger

4 sticks lemongrass (white part only)

Whisk together to form a batter:

1 egg, beaten

1 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp meat curry powder (Baba’s is my Malaysian brand of choice)

1 tbsp sugar

3 tbsp cornflour

How To

Combine the chicken, ground paste and batter in a large container and add a small handful of fresh curry leaves. Mix well and leave to marinate in the refrigerator at overnight.

A couple of hours before cooking, remove the chicken from the refrigerator and leave it to reach room temperature (so the inside isn’t cold- you don’t want meat that ends up burning on the outside but raw in the middle!).

In a wok, heat up a large amount of peanut oil or any mild vegetable oil (canola, soybean and the like, NOT olive oil) until hot but not smoking. It has reached the correct temperature when you drop a small curry leaf in and it sizzles and bubbles.

Drop the chicken pieces in carefully and deep fry over medium-high heat for about 10-15 mins until golden and crisp (use your discretion- smaller pieces will cook faster).

When cooked, shake off the excess oil and place on some paper towels to drain.

Stuff your face!

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