Pineapple Tart (300g) by Dizana Edar

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Experience the Tropical Flavors of Dillah’s Pineapple Tart

  • Made with fresh pineapples for a burst of tropical flavour
  • Perfect for any occasion, from casual gatherings to formal events
  • A great gift for your loved ones to make them feel special
  • A delicate balance of flavour and texture with a buttery tart base and smooth pineapple filling
  • Each bite is a taste of paradise that satisfies your sweet cravings.

Taste the tropical flavours in every bite

If you’re a fan of tropical flavours, you won’t be disappointed with Dillah’s Pineapple Tart. Made with fresh pineapples, this delightful pastry is a perfect blend of sweet and tangy. Each bite will take you on a journey to a tropical paradise, leaving you with a burst of flavours that will linger in your mouth.

A perfect treat for any occasion

Dillah’s Pineapple Tart is an excellent choice for any occasion, whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal event. The lovely texture and exquisite taste of these tarts will impress your guests and leave them craving for more. Moreover, they are a perfect gift for your loved ones, making them feel special on any occasion.

Experience the perfect balance of flavour and texture

Dillah’s Pineapple Tart is the perfect pastry for anyone looking for a delicate balance of flavour and texture. The buttery, crumbly tart base perfectly complements the smooth and tangy pineapple filling. Every bite is like a burst of sunshine in your mouth, leaving you with a refreshing taste that will satisfy your sweet cravings.


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 9.2 × 9.2 × 10 cm


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