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Parre Chips (110g) by Zaesya


This crispy bitter gourd is a deep-fried chip that is mildly spicy, bitter and salty in a balanced way to make it addictive. Crispy Bitter Gourd Chips is a delicious side dish with rice or just make it a snack while watching a television.

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The first thing you think about bitter gourd must be bitter right?

Yes, it’s true that generally bitter gourds are a group of vegetables that taste bitter. As people used to say, bitter gourds are healthy, right? To your knowledge, there are two types of gourds in Malaysia, the first is the long type with a light green colour and the second is known as “frog melon” which is smaller in size and dark green in colour. Of these two types of sweet potato, the frog sweet potato tastes more bitter than the long sweet potato. But.. if you know how to cook it, the bitterness of this sweet potato can be reduced.

Bitter Gourd can…………..

✔️Abstinent food and diet.

  • bitter gourd has cellulose which functions as the main fibre to facilitate food digestion. The frog also secretes bile juice to increase the body’s metabolism.

✔️It’s good to eat just like that

✔️ Deliciously eaten with white rice.

✔️Good for the heart

✔️ Get rid of wind in the body

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Dimensions 14 × 8 × 22 cm


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