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OREO BUBBLE RICE CHOCOLATE By Hana Suhaila Rich Chocolate Enterprise



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Vendor Information

Cookies fit a variety of occasions and lifestyles. Once purchased exclusively as treats, the popularity of cookies consumed at certain occasions has risen rapidly all over the world. Cookies are consumed for breakfast, while travelling to work or at any time of the day when hunger pangs hit you.

Cookies comes in a variety of taste and flavours like chocolate, double chocolate, nuts of all kinds, dried fruits and even unusual fruits like durians. The only word that describes these cookies are sheer indulgence.

If hearing this has urged you to have a cookie, then you must try OREO BUBBLE RICE CHOCOLATE  By Hana Suhaila Rich Chocolate Enterprise. It may not look like a cookie but still has all the flavours of a cookie in it. Made with crispy plain rice bubbles, crispy cocoa rice bubbles, chocolate, oreo cookies , corn flakes and coco crunch. All these goodness laboured with love and presented to you to savour and enjoy. Pop one into your mouth and your taste buds would crave for more.

 Each product weighs 650g