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“Rempah” is a term used in Southeast Asian Cuisine, particularly in Malay, Indonesian, and Singaporean cooking, to refer to a mixture of spices and aromatic ingredients that are ground into a paste or blend.

Rempah forms the foundation of many dishes in these cuisines and imparts a rich and complex flavor profile to the final dishes.

Using spices in cooking offers a range of culinary, cultural, and potential health benefits, allowing you to create flavorful and satisfying dishes with a touch of Southeast Asian influence

Powder spices Ingredients:-

1) Cilantro
2) Black pepper
3) White pepper
4) Fennel seeds
5) Cumin
6) Star Anise
7) Poppy seeds
8) Cardamom
9) Cinnamon
10) Bay Leaf

Soup Spices ingredients:-

1) Fennel seeds
2) Cumin
3) Mustard seed
4) Cilantro
5) Cardamom
6) White pepper

Product guide: Avoid using spoons or wet items


-Easy to use and no need to mix with other spices
– Can use more than 3kg of meat/mutton/chicken or anything else

Expired date: May 2024


Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 19 cm


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