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Pain Relief, First Aid, Well-Being

It is now a norm to keep a stock of standard medical treatments, such as pain-killers, cold remedies, plasters and antiseptic. You never know when you are going to come down with something and the last thing you need is a trip to the pharmacy.

There are a huge number of minor ailments that may not be life-threatening but can cause a great deal of discomfort. NUTRILAND HERBS AND HEALTHY can provide you with an aromatic oil that could soothe some of these discomforts and help you  get on with your day-to-day life.

Minyak Aromatique ZAFARAN (Aromatic Oil) has been prepared using 100% natural ingredients and does not contain animal sources. It gives you a sense of comfort with the aroma of fresh fragrant flowers. No more unpleasant smell as the freshness and  fragrance from the flowers clearly leaves you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Some benefits of this aromatic oil are:

  1. It helps blood circulation
  2. It helps in clearing congested nasal passages and eases breathing
  3. It helps in relieving mild coughs
  4. It helps in controlling dizziness and nausea
  5. It helps in relieving abdominal cramps
  6. It helps in relaxing tensed muscles
  7. It helps to relief bloating
  8. It helps with mild cold
  9. It helps with controlling Itchiness due to insect bites
  10. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety
  11. It helps to provide a restful sleep at night


Peppermint oil, Essential oil, Citrus lemon peel oil, Rose damascene oil, Aromatic oil, Light liquid paraffin 

Pack of 2 – 120g (60g x 2)

Each weighs 60g