Malaysian Batik: The Ultimate Cultural Heritage by Aura Niaga Resources


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Batik in particular means fabric painted with attractive and bright patterns.

– 100% cotton. The fabric is guaranteed to be smooth and soft.

– Very good quality.

– The fabric is sewn, washed and ready to use.

– Suitable for personal use, family, charity and others.

– There are various patterns and colours.

– The fabric is soft, light and comfortable to wear.

– Suitable for younger brothers and sisters to wear at home.

– You can also give it as a gift to your loved ones.

Batik manufacturing in Malaysia are well known internationally. It’s high-quality designs and unique patterns captivate the hearts of fans of traditional clothing. Batik art is not only loved by Malaysians, even tourists are also interested in it. They make it a souvenir upon returning to their home country.

The use of batik among Malaysians is very widespread.

For women, batik cloth is used as a sarong cloth and as a wet cloth at home. It can also be adapted to baju kurung or kebaya fashion.

Men’s fashion is also not missing out on batik patterns that are used as shirts.

The method of Malaysian batik making is also quite different from those of Indonesian Javanese batik, the pattern is larger and simpler, it seldom or never uses canting to create intricate patterns and relies heavily on the brush painting method to apply colours to fabrics. The colours also tend to be lighter and more vibrant than the deep-coloured Javanese batik.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 1 × 150 cm


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