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‘ MAGIKA ’ GEL MANDIAN (SHOWER GEL) By Nurul Hidayu Bt Mohamad @ Rusdi


It is a hot day outside. You have been running around doing all the chores at your home. Its time to take a quick shower to wash off all that dirt and sweat on your body and leave it fresh and clean. Naturally, you would look for your mostly used shower gel that does all the thorough work in leaving you feeling light, clean and refreshed. Most shower gels that you purchase off the shelves of supermarkets use synthetic detergents derived from either petroleum or plant sources. They may be safe but are they made of natural ingredients? If you are looking for a shower gel that is homemade with only natural ingredients, then you must try ‘MAGIKA EMPIRE’ Gel Mandian (Shower GEL) By  Nurul Hidayu Bt Mohamad @ Rusdi. This shower gel has been formulated to give you the best results after one wash. The specialty of this shower gel are :
  1. It aids in treating sleep problems
  2. It removes dead skin cells and beautifies the skin
  3. It aids in treating rash and itchiness
  4. Reduces tiredness by relaxing the muscles
  5. It aids in detecting and preventing skin disorders.
  6. It cleanses your aura and lets your inner positivity shine through

 Each product weighs 350g

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 15 cm


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