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MAGIKA EMPIRE’ MINYAK AURA (AURA OIL) By Nurul Hidayu Bt Mohamad @ Rusdi


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You are feeling lethargic, lazy and tired. Your shoulders and joints are aching annoyingly non-stop. You feel a slight flu coming on and your body system wants to shut down. Where has your positive energy in you gone to? You innershine is lusterless and positivity is tumbling down the hill.

There are many factors that could be causing this effect on you. What if there is a remedy for all these symptoms in a bottle? Fret no more as ‘MAGIKA EMPIRE’ MINYAK AURA (AURA OIL) By  Nurul Hidayu Bt Mohamad @ Rusdi is here to your rescue. This homemade formula is made up of all natural ingredients and can be used without any worries.

The specialty of this Aura Oil are :

  1. It helps to relieve neck and shoulder aches
  2. It helps to detect and prevent skin disorders
  3. It helps in treating acne problems
  4. It aids in thickening the hair
  5. It aids in managing seizure
  6. Keeps Flu at bay
  7. It gives comfort to chest aches
  8. It helps in managing asthma
  9. It relieves stress
  10. It relieves dizziness

 Each product weighs 30g