Lactomomma Milk Boosting Cookies ( Classic Chocolate Chip)

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Lactomomma milk booster cookies are 100% halal.

Made with carefully selected organic milk boosting ingredients such as organic steel cut oats, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic golden flaxseed, halal Brewers yeast and many more galactagogues that help increase the QUANTITY and QUALITY of mother’s milk. . 4 basic delicious flavors: 🍪Classic Choc Chip (crunchy) 🍪Butterscotch Pecan (crunchy) 🍪Cranberry White Choc (semi soft) 🍪Dates & Goat’s Milk (semi soft) – Signature and bestseller RM38/jar Limited edition flavours 🍪Salted Caramel RM38/jar 🍪Chocotella RM40/jar Each jar contains approximately 28 cookies suitable for one weeks consumption 4 cookies a day for optimum flow of milk Increase or decrease cookies as per needed (mom can determine by third day) remember to pump regularly at least every 3 hours A good snack for the entire family, great energy booster for daddy’s too! Please limit children to two cookies a day as they might give too much energy to the little munchkins 😂 For best results, continue cookies for a min of 3 months. Milkflow will begin to regulate. Pregnant mommies can start eating as early as 32 weeks into the pregnancy. 1 cookie a day. Increase to 2 cookies a day a week before delivery to encourage early milkflow. Fun facts: lactomomma only uses unbleached flour and brown sugar, why? Because what mommy eats baby eats and we all want the best for our babies don’t we?


Ingredients: Organic Rolled Oats, Unbleached Flour, Dark Choc Chips, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Butter, Organic Golden Flaxseed, Organic Halal Brewers Yeast, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Soda Bicarbonate, Cinnamon



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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 13 cm


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