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‘KREPEKLICIOUSZ’ KREPEK (CHIPS -Kerepek Ubi Cheese (Cheesey Tapioca Chips) - 450g) By SMD Food Empire




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Vendor Information

Kerepek Ubi Cheese (Cheesey Tapioca Chips) – 450g

Krepek are chips or crisps that are bite-size snack crackers that can be savoury or sweet. They are made from various dried fruits, tubers, vegetables and fish that have undergone a deep frying process in hot vegetable oil. They can be lightly seasoned with salt or spiced with chili powder and sugar.

For all those who love snacking on chips, SMD FOOD EMPIRE has prepared ‘Kerepekliciousz’ Krepek (CHIPS). These chips come in a variety of flavours, taste and texture due to the usage of tubers, vegetables and fruits.

The various chip varieties from SMD FOOD EMPIRE are:

  1. Kerepek Ubi Cheese (Cheesey Tapioca Chips) – 450g
  2. Kerepek Ubi Pedas Kering (Spicy Tapioca Chips) – 450g
  3. Peyek Salted Egg – 350g
  4. Kerepek Jejari Ubi Masin (Salty Tapioca Strips) – 450g
  5. Kerepek Ubi Pedas Basah ( Spicy And Moist Tapioca Chips) – 450g
  6. Kerepek Cottage Ubi Berlado (Spiced Tapioca Chips) – 450g
  7. Kerepek Bawang (Onion Chips) – 450g
  8. Kerepek Pisang Tanduk (Banana Chips) – 500g
  9. Sambal Kentang Bilis (Spicy Potato Chips With Dried Anchovies) – 300g
  10. Kerepek Keledek ( Purple Sweet Potato Chips) – 475g

Try a pack or 2 today. You will  never know how tasty, addictive and yummy these  chips are. Once you start, you can never stop. Enjoy a bag of chips while watching your favourite TV show, crush them on top of your creamy soups, porridge and pastas for that extra crunch and texture. Go on! Get 1 pack and crunch away.


Tapioca, Salt, Oil, Cheese


Each pack weighs 450g