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‘Klappers Co’ YOUTHFUL ANTI AGING SERUM By Klappers Naturals




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Vendor Information

Youthful Anti Aging Serum  is a water-based serum for aging skin to reduce appearance of wrinkles, soothes irritation, reduces appearance of pores and provides hydration for skin.

Benefits are:

  1. Reduces pores
  2. Reduces fine lines
  3. Provides hydration and moisturizes skin.
  4. Has anti-aging properties to keep skin looking young
  5. Balances skin’s oil production


How to use:

Drop 1-3 drops of Youthful onto palms. Warm the serum between palms and pat onto cleansed and toned skin. Can be applied onto face after night time cleansing and let it sit overnight. Can also be applied for day time use, on cleansed and toned skin.


 Each weighs 30g