KEMBARA READY-TO-EAT MEAL (SELF HEATING) by Hannan Q Enterprise (Pack of 2)

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Self-Heating Technology

Now you can heat your meal without fire or stove! KEMBARA meal does it in 8-10 minutes, so you can be free doing more important things than cooking. Our packagings are engineered with a special combination of layers of different materials and sealant to allow an efficient heating process. KEMBARA meal can be heated up anywhere, anytime. Just add any liquid (seawater, river water, fresh water, coffee, soda and this means ANYTHING) and you’ll be ready to enjoy a hot and delicious meal straight from the pouch.

Food Technology

How can KEMBARA meals have 2 years shelf life with zero preservatives? KEMBARA meals are cooked in multi-layer tubs that allow for sterilisation through a process called retorting. The technology was originally developed by NASA to preserve the natural flavour and nutrition in the ingredients.

The  Kembara Ready-To-Eat Meal comes in  4 different varieties :

  1. Ayam Masak Merah With Tomato Rice (Tomato rice with chicken cooked in red sauce)
  2. Nasi Lemak With Chicken Rendang ( Coconut milk rice with chicken cooked in spicy sauce)
  3. Beef Rendang With Pilaf Rice (Pilaf rice with beef cooked in spicy sauce)
  4. Lamb Kuzi With Hujan Panas Rice (Rice with lamb curry)

 Get a pack of 2 today and give it a try.

A video on how to heat up the Meal Ready to Eat



It doesn’t matter what’s your favourite outdoor activities, KEMBARA can keep you energised and powered up with a hot meal anytime, anyplace. Just add any liquid, you’ll be ready to have a hot and delicious meal in a minute. As a runner, hiker, cyclist or all-around outdoor adventurer, you need food to fuel your body for peak performance. Each pack of meals contain sufficient calories needed to give you energy so you can enjoy your adventure journey. One taste and you’ll know why KEMBARA meals are a top choice for outdoor food.


As a Muslim traveller, how can you ensure that you and your family are eating halal while travelling? KEMBARA has proudly served travel agencies and tour operator in Malaysia and overseas to provide Ready to Eat Meals for their clients. KEMBARA is preferred by travel agencies due to lightweight, long-shelf-life and self-heating. With KEMBARA, clients can now save a lot of time and able to eat healthy meals on the go! One of the common challenges faced by Muslim travellers is to find Halal food. With KEMBARA, not anymore.


Our company is also capable to cater for an Emergency call. Our shelf-stable and self-heating is perfect for an emergency meal. We continue to be #1 choice meal for emergency agencies and NGO for overall nutrition, self-heating technology, and dependability. When disaster strikes, we are committed to respond with compassion and urgency. Your contribution will help us delivered KEMBARA meals as quickly as possible in times of disasters, allowing our dedicated emergency teams to provide support immediately.

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