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Weight : 500g
MOH Certified : Yes
Consumables Form : Honey
Pack Size : 500ML

We are gifted with mother nature law to protect humanity and all living thing on the face of the earth. Humans body is equipped with a shield technology to develop it’s very own defence system to protect us against any potential threat such as viruses and bacteria let be in past or the future. According to Siddha medicine ancient system, the medicine will be created by mother nature before the disease.

The current generation has failed to understand the most crucial part of our life is our health. Health can be maintained or destroyed if we didn’t know how to choose your lifestyle consciously and the most important is our food habits.

Any food goes into your mouth either make us healthy or sick there is no such thing zero effect.

Factors contributing to our health care:

1) Food Habits : Processed food or artificial food or natural food.

2) Sleeping habit

3) Exercises habit

4) Daily thoughts habits

5) Screen time

By not having a proper lifestyle, it causes weakness to your health care system, similarly like the ozone layer, which has a huge hole due to pollution. Our body has bombed and polluted with toxication foods. Body unable to do detoxification without proper lifestyle, which leads to multiple significant complications such as cancer, heart attack, diabetics, BP and so on jeopardises overall immune systems performance.

The only way for us to improvise our health is to choose and improvise your food and lifestyle wisely. Base on current market situation Swami Sivanandha’s company has formulated black turmeric herbal honey using Siddha method (as per the ingredients) to help support our body to cleanse and regularise the system in a natural way. You can see the difference in 25 days. Best to consume after the meal with cows milk.

According to Siddha human body is mini-world consist of 5 elements. If these five elements are balanced, then our body is in a state to fight against any bacteria or viruses. Our immune system’s performance would be at top-notch if we were able to balance fire, water and air in our body.

The SVN Herbal Black Turmeric Honey able to balance three significant power in the body. We formulated authentically using 5000 years old Siddha system by extracting rare and powerful medicated herbal such as black turmeric, black cumin, black ginger, long pepper and black basil with raw honey. This combo of herbal will able to balance the 3 elements in the body and improves detoxification performance in the body.

if you control your food intake like medicine now, then you won’t have to eat a lot of medication like food in the future.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 8 × 19 cm


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