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Instant Rendang Sauce (200 Grams)


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What makes this sauce delicious are the fresh and quality raw materials used. The  main ingredients such as red chilli, onion, and herbs make this instant rendang sauce flavourful and tasty. It is a great hit among Malaysians.


This product was produced in our test kitchen from a recipe that had been passed down  from generation to generation. It holds its value high in tradition, quality and taste. This product is generated according to quality procedures and good manufacturing practices. Now this instant rendang sauce comes right to your doorstep through HalalStreet. Prepare and enjoy this tasty and flavourful rendang any time of the year.

What is Rendang?

Rendang is a Minang dish originating from the Minangkabau region in West SumatraIndonesia. It has spread across Indonesian cuisine to the cuisines of neighbouring Southeast Asian countries such as MalaysiaSingaporeBrunei and the Philippines. Rendang is often described as a rich dish of meat — most commonly beef (rendang daging) — that has been slow cooked and braised in a coconut milk seasoned with a herb and spice mixture, until the liquids evaporate and the meat turns dark brown and tender, becoming caramelized and infused with rich flavours.

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