Herbal Bath (50g) by NA Barokah

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A herbal bath is a method of infusing your hot bath with herbs that are known to reduce stress. Not only herbs, but a herbal bath is also infused with essential oils and flowers that soothe the muscles, soften the skin, improve circulation, and help combat infections.

Herbal baths, enriched with a combination of fresh and dried natural elements, have been traditionally used to alleviate colds, relieve aches and pains, promote wound healing, uplift moods, and provide soothing effects for various conditions ranging from menstrual discomfort to hemorrhoids to irritated skin.

Herbal Bath is a traditional Malay practice that continues to this day due to its effectiveness in providing body freshness, reducing wind diseases, and aiding weight loss. It is particularly beneficial for mothers after childbirth.

The herbal bath is designed in a convenient bag format, containing a combination of various herbal leaves. This saves time and provides a refreshing and calming experience for the body.

– Economical: The bag can be used for multiple baths.
– Suitable for everyone: Not limited to pregnant mothers, it can be used by anyone to restore energy and combat lethargy caused by daily activities.

Benefits of Herbal Bath:
– Reduces wind and eliminates toxins from the body.
– Improves blood circulation.
– Relieves tension in joints and nerves, and eliminates body odour.
– Reduces stress and restores energy.

The Herbal Bath bag contains a selection of leaves from trees in an equatorial climate, including Pandan leaves, Seneru leaves (elephant), Light male leaves, Daun Sungkai, Galangal leaves, Daun Lang Kenang, Fragrant lemongrass, Virgin leaves, Tas leaves, Bidara leaves, Daun Lamuni, Kelat banana leaves, Betel leaves, Chapa leaves, Daun Seingan, Black Turmeric Leaves, and Belly Lime Leaves.

Preparation Method (Method 1):
1. Place one sachet of Herbal Bath in 2000ml water or 3 dippers.
2. Boil the bag until it releases the herbal aroma.
3. Mix the boiled water with normal water to achieve the desired bathing temperature.
4. Slowly pour the herbal bath water all over the body for absorption.
* The herbal bath bag can be reused until it loses its aroma and colour.

Preparation Method (Method 2):
Place 1 bag in a sauna pot. When the water boils and steam is produced, use a sauna bag or sauna room to sauna the body.

Upon receiving the order, remove the bag from the plastic packaging to prevent sweating and mould formation (as the herbs are hot).
Avoid storing in airtight containers for extended periods.
The used herbal bath bags can be reused 3-4 times.
Store the bags in a dry place with sufficient air space to prevent damage and mould.

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 25 cm


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