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'FOOD NEMO' TASTY SERUNDING (FLOSS) By Funemo Solutions (All 4 Flavours)



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Floss, also known as meat wool or meat floss, is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton. Floss is used as a topping for many foods, such as congee, tofu and savoury soy milk. It is also used as a filling for various savoury buns and pastries. It pairs well as a topping for baked goods filled with bean paste.

If you are looking for a Malaysian made floss, then you must try TASTY SERUNDING (FLOSS) By Funemo Solutions. Their floss is a superhit in Malaysia as it is made in the traditional way without compromising taste or texture.  Very suitable for travellers and students as it is naturally preserved and it is packed in such a manner that it is convenient to be carried anywhere.

Funemo Solutions has released their Floss in the following flavours:

  1. Ginger Floss and Anchovies
  2. Meat Floss
  3. Chicken Floss
  4. Fish Floss

Try all 4 flavours today. Have it with hot steamed rice, creamy soups, porridge and even make a sandwich out of it with a touch of mayo and chilli sauce. However you plan to eat it, the choices would be endless.


All 4 Flavours – 400g (100g x 4)

Each weighs 100g