Fish Crackers (Ready to Eat) by Tokku Leko Sdn Bhd (150gram)

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Fish crackers are available in three flavors: original, spicy, and black pepper.

Suitable for all ages. Can also be enjoyed while watching movies or working in the office.

Fish Crackers Black Pepper
EXP DATE: 27/09/24

Fish Crackers Spicy
EXP DATE: 27/09/24

Fish Crackers Original
EXP DATE: 27/09/24

Fish crackers, also known as fish chips, are a popular snack in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. It is made primarily from fish, particularly from species like mackerel or commonly, tenggiri (Spanish mackerel) and ikan parang (wolf herring), although other varieties of fish can also be used. The name “keropok ikan” literally translates to “fish crackers” in Malay. 

Fish crackers typically have a strong seafood flavor, often resembling the taste of the fish used in its preparation. It can be savory, slightly salty, and may have a hint of sweetness. The texture is light and airy, with a satisfying crunch when you bite into it. These crackers are enjoyed as a popular snack in Malaysia and are often served alongside other dishes, such as laksa, as a crunchy accompaniment. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be found in different flavors, including spicy varieties or those with added seasonings for extra taste.

Keropok ikan is a beloved snack in Malaysia and is also used in various traditional dishes and street food, making it an essential element of Malaysian cuisine.

1. Fish
2. Tapioca Flour
3. Strach Flour
4. Vegetable oil
5. Salt
6. Permitted Seasoning

Enjoy fish crackers with:
1. your favorite food and drink
2. for treats and souvenirs
3. when watching television and movies
4. when travelling
5. while relaxing drinking tea/coffee

1. Easy to store and carry
2. No need to fry (ready to eat)
3. Suitable for pairing with a variety of dishes

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 8 × 25 cm

Original, Spicy, Black Pepper


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