Chicken Satay (5 pcs/ 328g) by Mak Erna


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Chicken Satay ready to eat for 2 persons.

This package includes 5 pieces of chicken meat satay, satay sauce, and a rice cube.

Original recipe from Muslim product. Tastes great!

Satay chicken is a delicious and popular dish originating from Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia. It’s known for its unique blend of flavours and textures, making it a favourite among many.

When ready to eat, satay chicken typically consists of skewered and grilled or barbecued pieces of tender chicken that have been marinated in a flavorful mixture. The chicken is usually cut into bite-sized pieces and threaded onto wooden or metal skewers, which are then grilled or cooked over an open flame. This cooking method imparts a smoky and slightly charred flavour to the dish.

The defining feature of satay chicken is the rich and aromatic satay sauce. This sauce is a smooth, creamy blend made from ingredients like peanuts, coconut milk, spices, herbs, and sometimes a touch of chilli for heat. The sauce is often slightly sweet, and savoury, and has a balanced combination of nuttiness from the peanuts and creaminess from the coconut milk.

Satay chicken can be enjoyed as a standalone appetizer, a main course accompanied by rice or noodles, or even as a part of larger meals or buffet spreads. Its blend of sweet, savoury, nutty, and slightly spicy flavours makes it a crowd-pleaser and a true delight for anyone who enjoys the diverse tastes of Southeast Asian cuisine.

Ingredients of Chicken satay:
1. Chicken meat
2. Lemongrass
3. Fresh turmeric
4. Garlic
5. Spices
6. Sugar
7. Salt
8. Food flavouring

Ingredient of Satay sauce:
1. Cooking oil
2. Roasted peanuts
3. Garlic
4. Shallots
5. Lemongrass
6. Galangal
7. Ginger
8. Dried red chillies
9. Spices
10. Tamarind
11. Sugar
12. Salt
13. Food flavouring

How to serve;
1. Soak the unopened package in hot water for 2-4 minutes
2. Tear/open the package, pour it into a plate, and ready to eat

Expired date: 08/2025

Weight 0.328 kg
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 29 cm


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