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Calla Milk is a popular drink in Malaysia due to following reasons below

1. Has a delicious taste without musty smell
2. Contains premium ingredients for skin problems
3. Can be consume from a young age to senior citizen
4. Focusing on curing skin problems

Calla Milk is a popular drink in Malaysia due to following reasons below


1. Tastes delicious

2. Contains carefully selected premium ingredients

3. Suitable for all ages

4. A product focused on curing skin allergies

Flavors :

1. Caramel

2. Chocolate Hazelnut

3. Macchiato


Consumable Form : Powder (Hot/Cold)


Key ingredients


Goat’s Milk

– Contains 50% pure goat’s milk

– Easier to digest which makes it suitable for everyone

– It contains lactic acid to focus on hydrate the skin

– A boost of essential fatty acids, probiotics and vitamins to encourage the growth of new skins

– Suitable for lactose intolerant individual


Bird’s nest

– Bird’s nest is the most rare ingredients that we decide to put into Calla Milk

– Bird’s nest have long been promoted that claims it moisturize, white and protect the skin from problems

– It can increase collagen and improve sagging skin

– Bird’s nest contains protein and carbohydrates which makes it an essential needs for individual development



– Works as natural antiseptic that will lighten the scars and heal skin faster

– Antioxidant in honey help repair damaged skin

– It can act as an antiabacterial dan anti inflammatory which is suitable for skin problems such as eczema


Sakura extract

– Control inflammation that will tone down redness and irritation on skin

– Sakura extract provide collagen supply to make sure skin moisturize and improve smoothness

– Individual with dull skin will most likely suits the most with sakura extract due to sakura get rid of dead skin cells



– An excellent source of vitamin C & D that can boost collagen production

– Rich in antioxidants that delay appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

– It can give radiant glow and treating skin allergies all over body

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 15 cm

Chocolate Hazelnut, Caramel, Macchiato Coffee


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