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Our CADBURY TART BOMBASTIC uses only quality premium ingredients. This is to ensure freshness at all times and to make your buying experience a long lasting one with us.

We use only pure butter [Brand: Anchor] and Cadbury chocolate that would melt in your mouth and not in your hands. This would cause a memorable explosion of sweetness on your taste buds leaving it to crave for more.

“Addicted From The First Bite”

1 box of Bombastic Tart contains 24 high quality tarts. Each tart is placed in a cavity container to minimize movement and damage to the tart during transit.

We bake Bombastic Tarts every day for every order. You will receive our Bombastic Tart fresh from the oven.

Quantity: 24 pcs

Net Weight: 340g ± 10g

“Addicted From The First Bite”

Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Butter, Cadbury Chocolate



Our CADBURY TART BOMBASTIC uses only quality premium ingredients. This is to ensure freshness at all times and to make your buying experience a long lasting one with us.

Cool and Surprising Uses of Chocolate

Chocolate, should probably have its own tier in the food pyramid (or more like its own pedestal), has been known as the go-to comfort food of men and women, both young and old. And its appeal is quite obvious — chocolates are quite divine no matter how they are served, whether baked as a cake, poured in a bottle as a drink, or eaten as a simple chocolate bar. Recipes with chocolate as ingredient get the most attention, making it the ultimate flavour of decadence.

But did you know that chocolates have been used through the years as more than just flavour for your dessert? Here is a cool mix of chocolate ideas you might be interested in knowing, or perhaps trying?

  1. A weekend getaway

Imagine going on a weekend vacation in a place where chocolate is king: Choco-themed rooms, chocolate treats everyday, all the choco chip pancakes you want for breakfast, wine and chocolate tasting in the afternoon, not to mention the must-try chocolate slide. Sounds good?

  1. Body scrub

Chocolate is known for being rich in anti-oxidants which actually equates to ‘very good for the skin.’ So of course it’s only natural that we slather ourselves with this decadent spread.

  1. Fake blood

Chocolates were used generously in horror movies like Psycho and Night of the Living Dead as main ingredient for fake blood. So that’s actually a lot of chocolate.  The set apparently used generous amounts of  Chocolate syrup to make the gory scenes believable.

  1. Money

As one of the most tradable goods in the world (almost as popular as coffee), chocolate was once used as a valuable trading commodity.  Mayans and Aztecs have been recorded to use cocoa beans for trade and for paying taxes. And like coffee, it would also be good to support chocolate products backed by Fair Trade.

  1. To wrap bacon with

Because bacon is love and chocolate is love. And really, we need more love in the world. The chocolate bacon goodness is said to have originated by accident no less.

  1. Boosting your brain

If you feel the urge to grab a chocolate bar when you’re suffering from writer’s block or when you’re feeling stressed at work, then don’t stop yourself and indulge. Flavanol, which cocoa is well-known for, is said to help boost blood circulation in the brain. instant mind exercise! Now we have more reasons to love this snack.

  1. A lip balm

A chocolate lip balm is just the thing you need to make your lips soft, smooth and supple.

  1. Gourmet ingredient

Aside from constantly being paired with luxury goods like wine, cheese and decadent fruits, chocolates is now regarded in the food industry as a gourmet ingredient. Chocolates are no longer the strict sweet variety. It is now infused by a number of exquisite flavors like chilli, truffle, gouda cheese, tabacco, absinth, and gold. And yes, don’t forget the bacon.

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