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PENANG BRIYANI SET by Wan Soo Nasi Kandar Cooking Paste

How many of you are craving for Malaysia “Kenduri”/wedding or Hari Raya/EID menu?

BRIYANI rice is one of the most famous type of rice served during a wedding ceremony and Hari Raya in Malaysia. And of course, everyone knows that the most delicious Briyani rice is from Penang. The smell of pure ghee inside it just enlightens the mood and stirs your appetite.

And because of that, we want to give you that lingering memory again even if you are thousands of kilometers away. With this set, you will get a complete menu from the rice, to the chicken, and the gravy. All authentic Penang flavours.

Our Savoury Black Beef or commonly known as Daging Masak Hitam Nasi Kandar is a killer and a must try product. For those having small children that just love chicken, then they should try our Chicken Tandoori. Can be eaten with the Briyani rice or just buy an instant/frozen nan bread to eat with the Chicken Tandoori.


How to utilize the BRIYANI set

To cook the Briyani rice

Briyani rice video

Ingredients and Instructions:


To cook the Savoury Black Beef curry

Savoury Black Beef curry video

Ingredients and Instructions:


To cook the Tandoori chicken/mutton/beef/fish/prawns


  1. Beef/chicken/mutton/fish/prawns
  2.  cooking oil
  3. plain yogurt


  1. In  a container mix the Tandoori cooking paste, yogurt and the meat of your choice.
  2. Mix well and leave aside for 10 minutes to marinate well.
  3. Then fry it in oil.


All these above can be done in 1 hour. You can cook these 3 menu and serve approximately 6 people.


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PENANG BRIYANI SET by Wan Soo Nasi Kandar Cooking Paste

With this set, you will get:
1 pack of Briyani Rice Cooking Paste / 1 pek Pes Masakan Nasi Briyani
1 pack of Savoury Black Beef Cooking Paste / 1 pek Pes Masakan Daging Masak Hitam
1 pack of Tandoori Cooking Paste / 1 pek Pes Masakan Tandoori


Savoury Black Beef

Briyani Rice